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ODMYA is one of the well-known garment manufacturers in China.

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04 Feb Mastering Zero Defects: Poka Yoke in Apparel Production
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In the intricate dance of garment manufacturing, precision is a partner to productivity. The industry, historically reliant on the skilled hands of its workforce, continually seeks methods to enhance efficiency and maintain quality. Enter Poka Yoke, a Japanese term that translates to "mistake-proofi..
29 Jan Launching a Fashion Brand: Tips, Obstacles, and Keys to Success
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The fashion industry has long been dominated by large established brands and design houses. However, in recent years, there has been a rise of independent fashion entrepreneurs launching their own labels and brands. Fashion entrepreneurship involves creating and managing one's own fashion business, ..
23 Jan Finding Reliable Clothing Manufacturers in China for US Startups
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In today's globalized world, many apparel startups are looking to overseas manufacturing as a way to produce high-quality clothes at competitive prices. For those based in the United States, China has become an increasingly attractive option for clothing production. With its huge manufacturing capac..
21 Jan Launch Your Dream Dressmaking Business from Home in 2024
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Starting and running a successful dressmaking business from home is an attainable goal for talented sewers with a passion for fashion design. With the right preparation and marketing, an in-home dressmaking business can provide creative fulfillment and financial rewards for sewing entrepreneurs.The ..
17 Jan The 12 Step Journey: How Clothes Go from Factories to Your Closet
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Clothes and fashion are an integral part of our daily lives. Most people wear some type of clothing every day without much thought going into how those clothes are actually made and end up in stores. The process of making clothes involves many steps, from the initial design to sewing and finishing t..
11 Jan Beginner's Guide to Sketching Chic Fashion Designs with Style
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Fashion design sketches are the first step in bringing a designer's creative vision to life. These sketches allow fashion designers to communicate their ideas on paper before creating the actual garments. For aspiring designers looking to hone their skills, learning how to draw basic fashion sketche..
09 Jan The Complete Guide to T-Shirt Printing Methods and Techniques
admin 0 235
T-shirt printing is more popular than ever before. What started as a niche hobby has grown into a massive industry, with printed t-shirts being commonplace and even a fashion statement. The t-shirt’s rise in popularity as a clothing staple opened up a whole new avenue for creative expression. With p..
05 Jan The Art of Textile Creation: From Fiber to Fabric
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Fabric is so ubiquitous in our daily lives that we seldom stop to ponder its origins or the intricate processes behind its creation. From the clothes we wear to the linens that adorn our homes, fabric is an essential material that combines practicality with aesthetics. The production of fabric is a ..
02 Jan Stop Your Cotton T-Shirts From Deforming: Care & Maintenance Tips
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Cotton t-shirts are a wardrobe staple for many people. Their soft, breathable fabric makes them a comfortable clothing option for daily wear. However, cotton is prone to shrinking, stretching, and other deformations if not cared for properly. Deformed t-shirts lose their shape and don't drape well o..
28 Dec A Guide to Maxi Dress Wholesale Sourcing from China
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Sourcing maxi dresses wholesale from China can be an effective way for retailers and online boutiques to diversify their product range and take advantage of lower production costs. However, finding reliable suppliers, ensuring product quality, and managing logistics issues can pose challenges. By fo..
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