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ODMYA is one of the well-known garment manufacturers in China.

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23 Oct Vietnam's Textile Industry: The Stunning Rise of an Asian Manufacturing Hub
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Over the past two decades, Vietnam has rapidly emerged as a major player in the global textile and garment industry. From just $600 million in textile and garment exports in 2000, the country exported over $39 billion worth of textiles and clothes in 2018 . This meteoric rise has been fueled by Viet..
22 Oct The Top 10 Fashion Designers Ruling the Fashion World Right Now
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The world of fashion is ever-changing, but some designers manage to remain at the forefront year after year. These visionaries have redefined fashion, created iconic brands, and transformed the industry again and again. Their designs continue influencing pop culture and what people wear around the w..
20 Oct HR's Vital Role in the Textile & Garment Industry Evolution
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The textile and garment industry, often touted as the backbone of many economies, is known for its dynamic and rapidly evolving nature. The vast chain, from yarn production to the final garment, involves countless individuals and processes. Yet, at the core of this intricate web, ensuring its smooth..
19 Oct Exploring MCQs in the Textile Realm: A Comprehensive Guide
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Clothing and textiles, as an integral part of human history and culture, have evolved over millennia. From early civilizations weaving their garments to today's technologically advanced fabrications, textiles' narrative is rich and varied. Their impact transcends the mere functional; textiles tell s..
18 Oct Loop Dyeing: Reviving Textile Traditions in Modern Manufacturing
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Dyeing, an age-old technique, is integral in the textile industry. Since the ancient times of hand dyeing with natural extracts to the present-day sophisticated machine-led processes, the art of dyeing has witnessed an expansive evolution. Amidst a variety of techniques available today, the Loop Dye..
17 Oct Selecting Fabrics for Children's Wear: A Comprehensive Guide
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When it comes to manufacturing children's clothing, one of the most critical decisions lies in choosing the right fabric. Children have unique needs, different from adults, in terms of comfort, safety, and wear. For manufacturers, the chosen fabric can make or break the success of a clothing line, b..
15 Oct Sustainable Textiles: Pioneering a Greener Future
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The textile industry, spanning from intricate hand-woven fabrics to mass-produced apparel, has been an integral part of our cultural and economic fabric for centuries. However, as with many industries, it has faced its share of challenges, particularly concerning environmental and ethical issues. Th..
14 Oct Optimizing Sewing Line Productivity: The Work Study Method Explored
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The clothing manufacturing industry is a vast and dynamic sector, responsible for producing garments that serve not just as a basic human necessity but also as an expression of personal style and cultural identity. As with any large-scale manufacturing process, productivity is a key determinant of s..
13 Oct Promoting Women's Fashion on Social Media: A Comprehensive Guide
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In today's digital age, the symbiotic relationship between social media and the fashion industry is undeniable. Not only has social media transformed the way brands communicate with their audiences, but it has also reshaped the purchasing decisions of millions worldwide. For women's clothing brands ..
12 Oct The Unsung Heroes: IEs in Garment Sampling
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In the intricate and dynamic world of the garment industry, precision, efficiency, and adaptability are paramount. While fashion trends rapidly evolve, the backbone of garment creation - its processes and departments - remains consistent in its pursuit of excellence. At the heart of this ecosystem l..
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