Small Order Clothing Manufacturing in Vietnam

The realm of fashion and apparel production is a dynamic, ever-evolving space. In this global industry, Vietnam has steadily risen to prominence, particularly for small-order clothing manufacturing. This Southeast Asian country, known for its rich culture and history, is now a significant player on the global fashion stage.

Vietnam's growth in this sector can be attributed to various factors, including a skilled labor force, competitive pricing, and a strong commitment to quality. These attributes have attracted many small fashion brands and entrepreneurs looking to source their unique clothing lines.

The focus of this article is to provide an in-depth look at the top 10 clothing manufacturers in Vietnam that cater to small orders. We will explore their offerings, strengths, and what sets them apart. This guide aims to equip you with the necessary information to make an informed decision when choosing a clothing manufacturer for your small order needs.

Remember, the right manufacturer can make all the difference in the success of your clothing line. It's not just about getting your products made; it’s about ensuring they are made to the highest standards, delivered on time, and produced at a cost that aligns with your business objectives.

So, whether you're an established brand looking for a new manufacturing partner, or an up-and-coming designer ready to bring your fashion vision to life, this article is your comprehensive guide to the top 10 clothing manufacturers for small orders in Vietnam.

Why Choose Vietnam for Small Order Clothing Manufacturing?

If you're in the business of fashion or planning to start your own clothing line, you've likely heard of Vietnam as a manufacturing hub. But why has Vietnam become such an attractive destination for small order clothing manufacturing? Let's explore the reasons.
Skilled Workforce

Vietnam boasts a skilled and diligent workforce. The country has a rich tradition of textile craftsmanship that spans centuries. This heritage, combined with modern training programs, has resulted in a workforce that excels in producing high-quality garments.
Competitive Pricing

For small businesses and startups, cost is often a significant consideration. Vietnam offers competitive pricing compared to many other manufacturing countries, making it an attractive option for small order production. Lower labor costs and favorable trade agreements contribute to these competitive prices.
Quality Commitment

Vietnamese manufacturers are known for their commitment to quality. They adhere to high standards throughout the manufacturing process, from sourcing quality fabrics to meticulous cutting and sewing. This commitment ensures the final product meets or exceeds expectations.
Infrastructure and Location

Vietnam has been investing heavily in infrastructure to support the garment industry. This includes modern factories, reliable transportation systems, and efficient shipping routes. Its strategic location in Southeast Asia also offers easy access to key global shipping routes, making it easier and cheaper to get your products to market.
Sustainability Focus

The world is becoming more conscious of the environmental impact of the fashion industry. Vietnam is no exception. Many Vietnamese manufacturers are adopting sustainable practices, such as using eco-friendly materials and reducing waste. This focus on sustainability can add a valuable selling point to your clothing line.

Small Order Clothing Manufacturing in Vietnam

Top 10 Clothing Manufacturers for Small Orders in Vietnam

Now that we understand the advantages of manufacturing in Vietnam, let's delve into the main event — the top 10 clothing manufacturers in Vietnam for small orders.

Dony Garment

Dony Garment has a reputation for high-quality clothing and flexibility regarding order size. They specialize in uniforms, workwear, and casual clothing. Their minimum order quantity (MOQ) is relatively low, making them a good choice for small businesses.

Thai Son S.P Sewing Factory

Thai Son is a family-owned business with over 30 years of experience in producing knitwear for global brands. They offer small MOQs and are known for their excellent communication and adherence to deadlines.

Thygesen Textile Vietnam

Thygesen Textile Vietnam is a well-established manufacturer with a wide range of capabilities. They offer full-package services, meaning they handle everything from fabric supply to garment packing. They accept small orders and are known for their technical expertise and innovative fabric development.

Nha Be Garment Corporation

Nha Be Garment Corporation is one of the largest exporters of clothing in Vietnam. They offer high-quality garments, including men's, women's, and children's wear. They are open to small orders and have a proven track record of delivering on time.


Quickfeat specializes in casual and fashion clothing for men and women. Their focus is on quality and sustainability, with a commitment to using eco-friendly materials and processes wherever possible. They accept small orders and offer a fully integrated service.

G & G II Garments Factory

G & G II Garments Factory is a good choice for small businesses looking for high-quality women's fashion. They have a low MOQ and are known for their attention to detail and excellent customer service.

Vert Company

Vert Company is a manufacturer of high-quality streetwear and sportswear. They are well-regarded for their innovative designs and excellent print quality. Their MOQ is flexible, making them an attractive choice for smaller orders.

Unavailable Apparel Production

Despite the name, Unavailable Apparel Production is indeed available for your small order needs. They specialize in streetwear, with a focus on quality, contemporary design, and sustainability. They offer low MOQs and a fully integrated service.

Hoang Yen Garment Company

Hoang Yen Garment Company is a leading manufacturer of children's clothing in Vietnam. They offer small MOQs and are committed to delivering high-quality, safe products. They handle all stages of production in-house, ensuring control over quality and timelines.

Viet Tien Garment Corporation

Viet Tien Garment Corporation is a major player in Vietnam's textile industry, producing a wide range of clothing products. They welcome small orders and are known for their professionalism, quality, and competitive pricing.

That wraps up our list of the top 10 clothing manufacturers for small orders in Vietnam. However, finding potential manufacturers is just the first step. Next, you'll need to evaluate which one is the best fit for your particular needs.

How to Choose the Right Manufacturer for Your Needs

Having a list of potential manufacturers is a great start, but choosing the right one for your specific needs is a crucial next step. Here are some factors to consider during your evaluation process.

Understand Your Needs

Before you can select a manufacturer, you need to understand your own needs thoroughly. This includes the type of clothing you want to produce, your budget, your timeline, and the quantity you need. Having a clear understanding of these requirements will help you narrow down your options.

Assess Their Specialties

Each manufacturer has its own set of specialties. Some may excel at producing high-quality knitwear, while others might be experts in manufacturing sustainable streetwear. It's important to align these specialties with your own product needs.

Consider Their Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ)

For small businesses and startups, MOQ is a crucial factor. Some manufacturers may require a large minimum order that is beyond your needs or budget. Ensure the manufacturer's MOQ aligns with your capacity.

Check Their Quality Standards

Quality is key in the clothing industry. Check the manufacturer's quality standards and procedures. If possible, ask for samples of their previous work. This can give you a good idea of the quality you can expect.

Communication is Key

Good communication is vital in a manufacturing partnership. The manufacturer should be responsive, clear, and transparent in their communications. They should keep you updated on the progress of your order and be upfront about any issues or delays.

Evaluate Their Reputation

Check the manufacturer's reputation among their previous clients. You can often find reviews or testimonials online. A good reputation is a strong indicator of reliability and quality.

Understanding the Ordering Process

After you have selected your ideal clothing manufacturer in Vietnam, it's time to understand the ordering process. Here's a step-by-step guide to help you navigate this crucial phase.

Step 1: Contact the Manufacturer

The first step is to reach out to the manufacturer. During this initial contact, you should provide as much information as possible about your needs. This includes details about the type of clothing, the quantity, the materials, and any specific design elements.

Step 2: Request a Quote

Once the manufacturer understands your needs, they will provide you with a quote. This will outline the cost of your order, including the price per unit and any additional costs, such as shipping or customization fees.

Step 3: Review the Sample

Most manufacturers will provide a sample before proceeding with full production. This is your chance to assess the quality of their work and make any necessary adjustments to the design or materials. It's important not to skip this step, as it can prevent costly mistakes down the line.

Step 4: Place Your Order

If you're satisfied with the sample, the next step is to place your order. You'll need to provide detailed specifications, including sizes, colors, materials, and any other relevant information.

Step 5: Production

Once the order is placed, the manufacturer will begin production. The length of this phase will depend on the size of your order and the manufacturer's capacity. They should keep you updated on the progress and notify you of any delays.

Step 6: Delivery

After production is complete, the manufacturer will arrange for delivery of the finished products. They should provide you with tracking information so you can monitor the delivery process.

Step 7: Quality Check

Once you receive your order, it's important to conduct a quality check. Examine the clothing for any defects and ensure that all specifications have been met. If there are any issues, contact the manufacturer immediately.


Embarking on a journey in the fashion industry can be both exciting and daunting. From idea conception to bringing your vision to life, each step comes with its own set of challenges. However, finding the right manufacturing partner can significantly smoothen this journey and set your brand up for success.

Vietnam, with its skilled workforce, competitive pricing, and commitment to quality, has proven to be an excellent destination for small order clothing manufacturing. Whether you're a small business or an emerging designer, the top 10 manufacturers we've highlighted in this guide offer a range of options to suit various needs and markets.

Remember, selecting a manufacturer is a critical decision that can impact the quality of your products, your brand's reputation, and ultimately, your success in the fashion industry. So, take your time to evaluate each manufacturer thoroughly, understand the ordering process, and maintain clear and constant communication throughout the production cycle.

With the right partnership, your dream of launching a successful clothing line can become a reality. We hope this guide provides a valuable starting point in your search for the ideal clothing manufacturer in Vietnam. Good luck with your fashion journey!