OEM ----Original Equipment Manufacture (Original Equipment Manufacturer)

The basic meaning of OEM is: according to the original garments company (brand company) commissioned contract for product development and manufacturing, using the original garments company's trademark, the cooperative production mode that is sold or operated by the original company. It has a close relationship with the modern industrial society, also known as "OEM" or "OEM". OEM is the only way under the trend of large-scale social production and large-scale collaboration. It is also one of the effective ways to rationalize resources and is the result of large-scale social production. With the further acceleration of the development trend of economic globalization, OEM demanders are likely to Select OEM suppliers in a wider range, especially transfer to countries and regions with low processing and manufacturing costs.

ODM ---- Original Design Manufacture (Original Design Manufacturer)

ODM means that garments company A designs and produces products according to the specifications of company B. The biggest advantage of this is that company B reduces the time for its own development. ODM is different from OEM's pure foundry. ODM manufacturers will have their own research and development technology and design, and even molded products.

OBM----Original Brand Manufacture (Original Brand Manufacturer)

OBM requires enterprises to register their own garments trademarks to open up the garments market and create their own garments brands while taking advantage of design and manufacturing advantages. The trademark marks a big step for the company from "OEM" to "brand creation", and it is a qualitative leap in the development of the company.

OEM, ODM, and OBM are different garments business methods and profit models. From OEM to ODM to OBM, it is an inevitable division of labor between large garments enterprises and small garments enterprises, and between enterprises at different stages of development. The inevitable choice after weighing the trade-offs. Mature enterprises are all dumbbell-shaped enterprises with strong technology and market. Part or all of manufacturing is outsourced. This is not only the result of chasing profits, but also the division of labor and cooperation among enterprises. From OEM to ODM to OBM is a development model of an enterprise, which is accompanied by different operating methods and different profit models at different development stages of the enterprise, and is also an inevitable choice for enterprises to pursue sustainable development. It is actively meeting challenges, creating value and obtaining profits.

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