The fitness and wellness industry has seen a significant boom in recent years. The increased awareness about health and the rising trend of fitness activities, such as yoga, aerobic exercises, and running, have led to a growing demand for high-quality exercise wear. China, being the global manufacturing hub, is home to numerous suppliers that cater to this increasing demand. This article aims to provide an in-depth analysis of the top 6 exercise wear suppliers in China, discussing their unique strengths, product offerings, and why they stand out in this competitive market.



ODMYA is one of the most renowned garment manufacturers in China. Known for their expertise in mass production, competitive pricing, and fast delivery times, ODMYA has established a reputable position in the industry. Since their inception, the company has remained committed to providing top-notch products, thus ensuring customer satisfaction.

Products and Services

ODMYA's product portfolio encompasses a wide range of exercise wear, including but not limited to yoga pants, sports bras, running shorts, and performance tees. These items are all designed with functionality, comfort, and style in mind to cater to the diverse needs of fitness enthusiasts.

In addition to their product offerings, ODMYA also provides customization services, enabling businesses to tailor products according to their branding needs. They manage the entire supply chain, from fabric selection and design to manufacturing and delivery, offering a one-stop solution for all exercise wear needs.


ODMYA's success can be attributed to several strengths. Their ability to mass-produce quality garments without compromising on quality sets them apart from many competitors. They utilize cutting-edge manufacturing technologies and adhere to strict quality control procedures to ensure each product meets high standards.

Their competitive pricing strategy is another strength. By efficiently managing costs and adopting a lean manufacturing approach, ODMYA is able to offer competitive prices, providing value for money to their customers.

Last but not least, ODMYA’s fast delivery times ensure that their customers can bring products to market rapidly. They achieve this through optimized production schedules and a robust logistics network, which allow them to deliver orders on time, every time.

2. Li Ning Company Limited


Li Ning Company Limited is a globally recognized sports goods manufacturer. The company stands out for its unique, fashion-forward designs that perfectly blend functionality with style. Li Ning, the company's founder, is a renowned gymnast, which lends an air of credibility and authority to the brand's offerings.

Products and Services

Li Ning offers a comprehensive range of sports clothing, footwear, and related accessories. Their product line includes items for various sporting activities such as running, basketball, badminton, and more. Moreover, they frequently collaborate with designers and influencers to launch limited-edition collections, keeping their product line fresh and trendy.


Li Ning's foremost strength is its brand recognition. Backed by the founder's athletic prowess, Li Ning products are seen as high-performance gear, which builds trust among consumers. The company is also renowned for its innovative designs that set it apart from competitors.

Their extensive distribution network is another advantage. Li Ning products are readily available in various countries, both in physical stores and online platforms, making it easy for consumers worldwide to purchase their products.

Lastly, their commitment to sustainability enhances their brand image. Li Ning is dedicated to reducing the environmental impact of their manufacturing processes and actively promotes the use of sustainable materials in their products.

3. 361 Degrees International Limited


361 Degrees International Limited is one of the leading sports apparel manufacturers in China, known for their balance of high-quality, performance-oriented products and affordable pricing. Their name, 361 Degrees, signifies going beyond the standard 360-degree circle, reflecting their commitment to exceeding customer expectations.

Products and Services

361 Degrees offers a wide variety of sports apparel, including clothing, footwear, and accessories for a multitude of sports such as running, basketball, swimming, and outdoor activities. They focus on producing items that offer comfort, durability, and performance to enhance the sporting experience of their customers.


A key strength of 361 Degrees lies in their affordability. They offer high-quality, performance-oriented sports apparel at competitive prices, making their products accessible to a wide range of consumers.

Their commitment to innovation is another strength. They continually invest in research and development to ensure their products incorporate the latest technologies and trends. This commitment to innovation enhances product performance and gives them an edge in a highly competitive market.

Finally, 361 Degrees’ broad product range is another strength. By catering to a variety of sports and fitness activities, they are able to meet diverse customer needs, enhancing their market reach.

4. Hingto International Group Co., Ltd


Hingto International Group Co., Ltd is a high-profile sportswear manufacturer known for their client-oriented approach. With over a decade of experience in the industry, they have built an impeccable reputation for delivering excellent products and services to both domestic and international clients.

Products and Services

Hingto specializes in producing a variety of sportswear items, such as gym wear, yoga wear, team uniforms, and sportswear accessories. They pride themselves on their ability to offer custom designs, allowing clients to create unique and personalized sportswear that fits their brand image.


Hingto's client-centric approach is their most significant strength. They provide comprehensive customization services, helping clients bring their vision to life. This flexibility has earned them a loyal customer base and sets them apart in the competitive sportswear industry.

Another strength is their commitment to quality. Hingto follows rigorous quality control processes to ensure that their products meet and exceed industry standards. They use premium materials and innovative production techniques to deliver high-quality sportswear.

Lastly, Hingto's global reach is a testament to their success. They have served clients from all over the world, demonstrating their ability to understand and cater to diverse market needs.

5. Guangzhou Normzl Garments Co., Ltd.


Guangzhou Normzl Garments Co., Ltd. is a thriving garment company that specializes in producing high-quality exercise and yoga wear. The company is known for its innovative designs, superior quality, and exceptional customer service.

Products and Services

Normzl offers a wide selection of sports apparel including workout tops, yoga pants, gym shorts, and sport jackets. Their clothes are designed with versatility in mind, making them suitable for various types of exercise and everyday wear.

The company also provides a comprehensive OEM service, allowing businesses to create custom-made sportswear that aligns with their brand image. They handle the whole process, from designing to manufacturing and packaging, delivering a seamless experience for their clients.


One of Normzl's key strengths is their commitment to quality. They use advanced manufacturing techniques and top-quality materials to produce durable, comfortable, and stylish sportswear.

Another strength lies in their design capabilities. Normzl continually innovates its designs to stay on top of the latest fitness fashion trends, ensuring their product line remains appealing to consumers.

Finally, Normzl's excellent customer service further enhances their reputation in the industry. They strive to provide a seamless buying experience for their clients, from initial inquiries to after-sales support.

6. Dongguan Humen Hucai Sportswear Co., Ltd.


Dongguan Humen Hucai Sportswear Co., Ltd., established in 1998, is a long-standing sportswear manufacturer based in China. Their extensive industry experience, combined with a deep understanding of global sportswear trends, makes them a reliable partner for many businesses worldwide.

Products and Services

Hucai offers an array of sports clothing including, but not limited to, fitness leggings, gym tanks, sports bras, and yoga wear. They continuously update their offerings to keep up with current fashion trends and user preferences.

Hucai also provides comprehensive OEM and ODM services. They guide clients through every step of the product development process - from concept and design, to production and delivery, ensuring a stress-free experience.


Hucai's longevity in the industry is a testament to its reliability and consistency. Their broad experience allows them to accurately anticipate market trends and quickly adapt to changing consumer preferences.

Quality is at the forefront of Hucai's operations. They implement strict quality control measures at each stage of production, ensuring the superior quality of their sportswear.

Lastly, Hucai's strong global network is another major strength. They have partnered with various businesses worldwide, demonstrating their capacity to cater to diverse market demands.

China is home to several leading exercise wear suppliers that cater to diverse market needs. Each company has its unique strengths and offerings, making it a reliable source for high-quality, fashionable, and performance-oriented sportswear. Whether you're looking for mass production capabilities, innovative designs, a wide product range, customizability, or a client-centric approach, these top 6 suppliers have something unique to offer. Choosing the right supplier depends on your specific needs, budget, and business objectives.


Who are the top 6 exercise wear suppliers in China?

The top 6 exercise wear suppliers in China are ODMYA, Li Ning Company Limited, 361 Degrees International Limited, Hingto International Group Co., Ltd, Guangzhou Normzl Garments Co., Ltd., and Dongguan Humen Hucai Sportswear Co., Ltd.

What sets ODMYA apart from other suppliers?

ODMYA is known for its expertise in mass production, competitive pricing, and fast delivery times. They also provide a one-stop solution for all exercise wear needs.

What is unique about Li Ning Company Limited's products?

Li Ning Company Limited offers a range of sports clothing, footwear, and accessories. Their products blend functionality with style, and they frequently collaborate with designers and influencers for limited-edition collections.

What makes 361 Degrees International Limited a preferred supplier?

361 Degrees International Limited is known for providing high-quality, performance-oriented sports apparel at competitive prices. They also have a broad product range catering to various sports and fitness activities.

What services does Hingto International Group Co., Ltd offer?

Hingto provides a variety of sportswear items and specializes in offering custom designs. They provide comprehensive customization services, allowing clients to create personalized sportswear.

What is the specialty of Guangzhou Normzl Garments Co., Ltd.?

Guangzhou Normzl Garments Co., Ltd. specializes in versatile sportswear suitable for various types of exercise and everyday wear. They are known for their commitment to quality, innovative designs, and excellent customer service.

What is the significance of Dongguan Humen Hucai Sportswear Co., Ltd. in the industry?

Dongguan Humen Hucai Sportswear Co., Ltd. has extensive experience in the industry and provides comprehensive OEM and ODM services. They offer a range of sportswear and focus on quality control, ensuring superior quality in their products.

Which supplier should I choose for my business?

The choice of supplier depends on your specific business needs, budget, and objectives. Each supplier offers unique strengths and products. It's crucial to consider factors like product range, pricing, quality, delivery times, and customization options while selecting a supplier.