Asia is home to some of the world's largest and most innovative jacket and coat manufacturers. Staying warm during cold winters is essential in many parts of Asia, driving demand for high-quality outwear. From fashionable designs to technical performance wear, Asian brands dominate global jacket and coat production.

This article explores the 10 best jacket and coat manufacturers in Asia. These brands stand out for their product quality, innovation, style, and widespread availability. Their manufacturing expertise and distribution networks allow consumers worldwide to access outstanding Asian-made jackets and coats.

Uniqlo (Japan)

Uniqlo is a Japanese casual wear brand owned by Fast Retailing Co. Since opening its first store in 1984, Uniqlo has grown into one of the world's largest clothing retailers with over 2,300 stores globally.

For jacket and coat manufacturing, Uniqlo is renowned for its high-tech materials and affordable pricing. Signature technologies include Ultra Light Down jackets filled with premium duck down and Heattech lining that generates and retains warmth. Uniqlo caters to men, women, and children with a vast assortment of down jackets, parkas, pea coats, trench coats, and more.

Clean silhouettes and muted, sophisticated colors characterize Uniqlo’s jacket and coat designs. Their manufacturing integrates Japanese minimalism with global fashion trends. Uniqlo jackets offer exceptional quality and versatility at accessible price points.

Giordano (Hong Kong)

Giordano is a Hong Kong-based retailer specializing in casual menswear and womenswear. Since its first store opened in 1981, Giordano has expanded across the Asia-Pacific into a global empire with over 2,000 locations.

For outerwear, Giordano is celebrated for basic, functional jackets and coats that blend comfort and style. Their down jackets feature plush padding and elasticized cuffs to seal in warmth. Windbreakers come in on-trend colors with moisture-wicking fabric. Pea coats and overcoats provide refined layered looks. Giordano’s sizing adjusts designs for Asian body types.

Giordano manufactures reasonably priced, quality coats and jackets for the whole family. Their garments incorporate clever details like removable hoods and secure storage pockets. Giordano retains a competitive edge through efficient supply chain management.

Bosideng (China)

Bosideng is China’s largest down jacket manufacturer. Founded in 1976, Bosideng has risen to command over 50% of the Chinese down apparel market. The brand operates over 10,000 retail outlets across China, focusing on functional, fashionable cold weather wear.

Bosideng’s state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities enable precise quality control and innovation. Their patented down processing technology enhances fill power and longevity. Bosideng down jackets feature baffle box stitching that minimizes cold spots. Outer fabrics like lightweight ripstop improve durability and wind resistance. Thinsulate and PrimaLoft synthetics provide versatile insulation options.

Contemporary style defines Bosideng’s outerwear designs. Details like contrasting zippers, metallic logos, and oversized pockets complement tailored silhouettes. Premium materials and intricate construction elevate Bosideng jackets into executive luxuries. The brand’s affordable luxury formula has tremendous appeal across China and beyond.

Metersbonwe (China)

Founded in Shenzhen in 1995, Metersbonwe has blossomed into one of China’s leading casual wear brands. Their jacket and coat manufacturing recently expanded capacity to over 150 million pieces per year. Mass production enables Metersbonwe to deliver low-cost, fashion-forward outwear across mainland China.

Metersbonwe’s clothing design closely follows catwalk trends. Their outerwear selection includes leather jackets with buckles and studs, checked overcoats, and puffer vests with glossy sheens. Metersbonwe interprets European and American styles for Asian sensibilities and sizing. Garment construction strikes an optimal balance between flexibility, warmth, and style.

Winning market share across China's highly competitive apparel industry, Metersbonwe coats and jackets offer on-trend looks direct from the factory floor. Efficient manufacturing and distribution underpin Metersbonwe’s leadership in budget fashion outerwear.

Makalot (Taiwan)

Makalot Industrial Co., Ltd is a Taiwanese clothing manufacturer exporting high-quality garments worldwide since 1992. As a leading OEM supplier, Makalot produces jackets and coats for major international brands. Their manufacturing expertise also fuels Makalot’s own outerwear labels and performance apparel lines.

Craftsmanship and flexibility define Makalot’s manufacturing capabilities. Their factories can handle 150,000 garments per day, shifting across fabric types and design complexities. Makalot’s products integrate advanced materials like watertight membranes and quick-drying synthetic insulation. Outer fabric weaves using interlocked yarns enhance durability and abrasion resistance.

Makalot manufactures ultralight hiking jackets, ski shells, and other technical outwear for top global athletic brands. Their streamlined supply chain supports rapid prototyping and minimum order quantities. Makalot enables partners to quickly translate ideas into carefully crafted outerwear.

Hop Lun (Hong Kong)

Hop Lun has manufactured quality knitwear and outerwear in Hong Kong for over 50 years. Their factory campus provides a fully integrated production workflow including fabric sourcing, sample making, and stringent quality control. While many apparel producers have relocated mainland China, Hop Lun retains production in Hong Kong to safeguard precision craftsmanship.

Technical expertise makes Hop Lun a trusted manufacturing partner for luxury fashion houses and premium outdoor brands. Production processes like fine link fully-fashioned knitting demonstrate meticulous attention to detail. Outerwear construction incorporates reinforced seams, resilient zippers, and bonded waterproof lamination.

Hop Lun integrates high-end materials like premium down, YKK zippers, and soft merino knits that elevate their outerwear into luxury status. For discerning customers, Hop Lun’s thoughtful design and Hong Kong craftsmanship justify premium pricing. Their consistent quality has established Hop Lun as a leading bespoke outerwear producer.

Erdos (China)

Tracing its origins back to Cashmere sweater production in Inner Mongolia in the 1970s, Erdos has grown into one of the world's largest manufacturers of cashmere clothing and textiles. Their factories in northern China have capacity to process over 10,000 tons of cashmere annually, supplying fabric and finished garments globally.

Renowned for its soft warmth and durability, cashmere features prominently in Erdos's outerwear selection. They produce premium cashmere overcoats, shawl collar cardigans, and robes. Seamless knitting techniques enhance comfort and flexibility. Contemporary designs showcase cashmere's natural elegance through minimal styling and neutral, earthy palettes.

With specialist expertise in mongolian goat hair, Erdos controls a huge swathe of the global cashmere supply chain. Their expansion into retail now provides direct access to their unparalleled cashmere coats and jackets.

Septwolves (China)

Founded in 1990 by fashion designer Feng Yonggang, Septwolves has grown from a small-scale menswear producer into one of China's major apparel retailers. Septwolves operates over 500 stores across mainland China, leveraging an understanding of local style preferences and fit.

For outerwear, Septwolves emphasizes sophistication along with functionality. Wool and leather overcoats come in updated fits with zipper and button details. Insulated down jackets feature quilted patterns and stand collars to protect against wind. Septwolves integrates playful touches like animal prints and metallic colors onto classic silhouettes.

Septwolves crafts quality coats and jackets for modern Chinese professionals on the move. Their garments artfully fuse together global fashion concepts, local wardrobe essentials, and accessible luxury. With an extensive retail presence, Septwolves provides convenient access to stylish, well-made outwear across China.

Jinyi (China)

Zhejiang Jinyi Industrial Co. Ltd was established in 1999 as a menswear producer focusing on suits, dress shirts, and overcoats. They began as an OEM manufacturer but quickly transitioned into their own successful menswear brand, JINYI. The label is now a familiar presence in malls and department stores across China.

Jinyi's manufacturing expertise translates into tailored, high-quality outerwear for discerning customers. They offer classic wool and cashmere overcoats with strong appeal among white-collar professionals. Design details like silk linings, leather trimmed buttons, and sleeve buckles nod subtly to luxury fashion traditions.

JINYI garments lean towards timeless versus trendy styling. Their coat and jacket patterns adjust European tailoring for athletic Asian frames. Meticulous craftsmanship ensures longevity, making Jinyi overcoats suitable for everyday wear across many seasons. With expansive brick-and-mortar distribution, Jinyi provides convenient access to refined menswear essentials.

Youngor (China)

Youngor Group Co. Ltd. is a major Chinese textiles and apparel producer based in Ningbo. Founded in 1979, Youngor manufactures suits, shirts, ties, and accessories. They operate over 8,000 retail outlets across China, leveraging an integrated supply chain from factories to stores.

For outerwear, Youngor offers an extensive catalog spanning traditional and contemporary designs. Wool pea coats, trench coats, and Chesterfield topcoats cater to professional wardrobe needs. Anoraks, bomber jackets, and down parkas infuse versatility into transitional weather looks. Youngor's coats and jackets balance classic silhouettes with updated fits, features, and fabrics.

China's growing menswear market relies on trusted brands like Youngor. Their nationwide footprint provides high visibility and availability alongside quality manufacturing. Youngor's jackets add sophistication and performance to men's outfitting as modern Chinese style evolves.


Asia's top jacket and coat manufacturers artfully blend functionality, aesthetics, and advanced production capabilities. Leaders like Uniqlo, Giordano, and Bosideng rely on insights into regional climates, styles, and sizing to craft outerwear with global crossover appeal. Whether off-the-rack or bespoke, Asian brands position quality craftsmanship as a competitive advantage.

Ongoing garment innovation across the continent will further enhance the capabilities and reputations of Asian outerwear producers. As winters get colder across northern latitudes, these top coat and jacket manufacturers from Asia will remain prime choices for keeping warm in style.